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Kamala Khan + Positive experiences about her culture/religion

This is so important, in my opinion. Because it’d be very easy for Marvel to have a Muslim character rebelling against a traditionalist culture and just putting it as retrograde or closed off… but instead we see Kamala slowly learning the balance between who she wants to be and what she believes in… and we get to see how her believes have shaped her into the hero she now is.

I’d been sold on this series since Issue 1, but that last sequence there just blew me away. It’d have been so easy for Marvel to have made it “common authority figures BAD”, and instead gave everyone human voices. 

This this this.

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Top 5 Fictional ChaRActers


Post photos of your top five favourite fictional characters; tag other people (as many as you like); and ask them to tag others to keep the game going.

No one tagged me, but I’m doing it anyway, because I want to. 

1. Lucas North. No surprise there


2. John Standring


3. John Proctor


4. Thorin Oakenshield


5. Claude Monet. Because he laughed and smiled so damn much


Gifs belong to the wonderful circusgifs. Photo still has watermark.

I tag anyone who hasn’t done it yet, who hasn’t been tagged yet, or who wants to do it.

i’m reblogging this 100% and unabashedly because i did not realize that the Proctor costume included bare feet and i shrieked aloud whilst sitting on the toilet

thank G-d my housemates aren’t home, though i doubt they will be at all surprised


# i don't have a foot fetish # it's a nonsexual fixation with bare feet as a visual storytelling device # COSTUMING SHORTHAND FOR VULNERABILITY # also u have to take such good care of the stage when actors are barefoot # basically it punches me in the 'theatre as physical storyteling' feels # and the 'theatre as a community of trust' feels # richard armitage # raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by richard armitage


I read the tweet, and then I read the username.

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sail boats are the easiest thing to steal ever because they don’t have a key because there is no engine.  all you need is a sound knowledge of the wind and a yearning to conquer the seas


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please watch this vine

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Opal necklace, design by Alphonse Mucha

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“We’re incredibly adolescent on the set. I spent 20 minutes on three different occasions, hiding in Luke’s trailer, just waiting to scare him. That’s not even adolescent… it’s infantile. We also enjoyed making prank calls. I spent half an hour on the phone to Clarks [shoe shop] pretending to be a man who couldn’t get his shoe off.”

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P R E S S U R E ¦ when it’s all too much [33 min / listen] 

on the days your brain feels wrapped in cotton, and your mind just wants to sleep - a playlist for dealing with the world.

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god i really like. nonbinary kaidonovskys. it fits in with the idea of them constantly switching up each others names when they introduce themselves really well and. they both really like ‘they’ pronouns too especially because its like. is ‘they’ referring to one of them or both of them . doesnt matter. they are a unit and they are a force of nature no binary gender system can ever hope to contain

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RAMI KADI Un Souffle d’Orient Collection

Ye gods.

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my favorite f/m ships are the ones where the dude is pretty much there just to gaze at the girl with heart eyes and fawn over her

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Daily Eva Green (x)

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