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queer soviet kitsch mothership
# so my makeup looks fucking kickass today # SELFIE TIME # for some reason the lighting in here looks crap # and it's gr9 in my bathroom # so there may be bathroom selfies later # gpoy # about me
Posted at 4.56pm, on 25/06/13, with 15 notes.

  1. thewatermonchichi said: I miss your gorgeous face aaaaaand I want to give you a hug.
  2. unsuborsuper said: RACHEL you’re so pretty gosh o w o
  3. princehal9000 said: YOU HAVE SPROINGY HAIR TOO!
  4. jerusalemsunrise said: If (when) we meet in real life, we will probably end up spending the whole time playing with each other’s hair.
  5. corinthes said: WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE
  6. gonzomessiah said: i w ant 2 touch the hair pls
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