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2048: Sir Kenneth Branagh Edition ▷

okay is there a dl of the antony and cleopatra radio play up yet because i need that shit

life priority 1: crying abt kbran and alex kingston doing shakespeare

hit me up if you see one?

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okay i’ve reached the point where i had a dream last night about making miniature pizzas in kurt wallander’s house and then discussed macbeth character and staging choices with a very dishevelled sir ken branagh.

at what point do i become a parody of myself? 

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yeah okay but the entire kenneth branagh tag is now pictures of lily james and richard madden and like

they’re both perfectly lovely people and i’m gonna see cinderella bc i would watch someone read the phonebook if kenneth branagh directed it (i recognize that i have a problem)

but come on i go in there to weep softly about wallander and giggle about old ridiculous photo shoots

i’m not sure if this is better or worse than the ‘giLDEROY LOCKHART DIRECTED THOR OMG’ posts

(i’m on a kick bc i just saw the twelfth night he directed and it was STUNNING)

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do you understand how excited i am about this

do you

do you understand how many people i’m going to want to murder if they don’t film/dvd this

the two of them. THE TWO OF THEM.

i’m mentally extrapolating this production from this casting and wanting to curl up into a ball and roll around in it forever


(fun fact: i tried to type ‘branagh’ and almost got ‘baratheon’ instead)

why do you like branagh so much?
oh, nonnie, that is a surprisingly complicated question.

oh man this is hard because, well, i totally realize that if we’re going with objective quality he’s not always the best??

he has this quality about him that makes me want to immediately engage with and invest in whatever character he’s playing, every time. 

i think he’s fiercely honest as a storyteller. sometimes this results in decisions that make me cover my eyes and start muttering ‘ken, sweetie, was that really necessary??’ (i mean, have you SEEN the last 20 minutes of his hamlet??), but i always feel like it comes from a place of deep, unabashed emotion. dude is really bad at artifice. i always end up feeling like his thought process goes something like: ‘i have a lot of emotions about this and i’m going to illustrate that in big broad strokes because, frankly, what’s wrong with that?’ 

i find him personally inspiring because he decides on things and then barrels through whatever adversity until he gets them done. that’s something i really struggle with in terms of my own creative energies, so it’s helpful to remind myself that somebody who isn’t embarrassed to have big sweeping overwhelming feelings about stories can go out and make art happen.

he’s made some really excellent films and given some really excellent performances and he’s also been in some seriously unrepentantly SHIT films (oh god wild wild west is 2 hours of my life that would have been better spent watching paint dry) but his commitment and enthusiasm never seems to waver. 

he just seems like somebody who’s response to the world is YES YES YES AND…! and that just makes me feel positively about him as an artist and as a person.

also i find him ludicrously fucking attractive.

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help me

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Kenneth Branagh & Lindsay Brunnock

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Kenneth Branagh and Lindsay Brunnock

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Rehearsal photo’s from The Painkiller.

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Rehearsal photo’s from The Painkiller.

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Rehearsal photo’s from The Painkiller.

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“…I discovered the peculiar torture that open air theatre can be. On our final matinee we clashed with the men’s single at Wimbledon. The ticket seller was very deaf but still intent on watching Wimbledon on the bar-tent TV. The cacophony reached its heights in the fifth act, when the desultory audience of sleepy pensioners were treated to:

‘It is the cause…’
‘Fifteen love.’
‘…It is the cause my soul…’
‘Borg to serve-‘
‘…Let me not name it to you, chaste stars…’
‘Lovely backhand.’
‘…It is the cause…’
‘Extraordinary, he’s cracked it!’

Othello carried on gamely as Desdemona was smothered and Borg won the third set. Othello had no choice.”

from Kenneth Branagh’s autobiography, Beginning

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